Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael is the angel of Truth, Justice, Courage and Awareness. Michael’s sapphire blue sword of Love protects against fear and injustice. Michael’s direction is the East and his element is spiritual fire. Archangel Michael heals the throat or will chakra. Chakras are your batteries of spiritual energy. These batteries help you to recharge and heal your body, mind, and life.

If you are inspired by Arch Angel Michael, then you will be comforted and strengthened by wearing the color royal, cobalt, and bright navy blue. It is important for you to speak the Truth direct from your heart. You will not like to associate with those who hurt others in any way. When Michael protects you, you will desire to speak out and teach others about justice and equality. Blue sapphires, diamonds, lapis, turquoise and gold, silver, and platinum will be attractive to those close to Michael.


St.Michael's Church Poway, California

It was a sad day indeed, but not unexpected. As some of Pete Bucher's
friends said, "Ol' Pete just wore out." He sure lived a full life, and
he loved life itself. He mentioned in his speeches that while in
captivity he wasn't afraid to meet his maker... he just didn't want to
do it too soon. Saint Michael's Church was almost full with hundreds
of friends, relatives, shipmates from everywhere, representatives from
Boy's Town, Submariners, and of course members of the crew of USS
Pueblo (AGER-2). It was a very good memorial service, with a wide
variety of religious speakers, veterans, shipmates and friends, with
beautiful flowers, great music and choir.

Inside St. Michael's Church


This statue of Saint Michael is just outside the church in a garden
area. Vandals had shattered this statue, so Mr. & Mrs.Bucher donated funds
to get it restored.

This plaque is noticable on the statue


The funeral procession was almost a mile long as we rode to Fort
Rosecrans Military Cemetery. Although it was a dismally rainy and windy
day, the weather broke and the sun came out in time for the graveside
ceremony with full military honors. Waiting there were more than a
hundred representatives from POW memorial foundations, Submarine
Veterans of WW-II, Submarine veterans from many Bases, U S Marines, U S
Navy, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Monterey Naval Language School, and sea
cadets who had a flawless service. There was a bagpiper in full dress
playing "Amazing Grace" and a bugler who sounded the final call for
Lloyd Mark Bucher.

Overlooking the Naval Submarine Base, Coronado, and
San Diego, Rose, flanked by her two sons said it was a beautiful
spot... just perfect.

This sailor can rest his oar.

Although this is another closing of a chapter in the story of USS
Pueblo, many still vividly remember the incident, and will remember
this day as well. While here... view these photographs with some sense
of happiness and closure for an old sailor who just happened to be
somewhere one day and it allowed the world to see him as a great leader
of men, a fine sailor, and a good friend to many, many people.

Richard E. Armstrong

The pictures on this page are from the private collection of Richard Armstrong


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