POW's Prayer

                                           By Jean Ray and L. Vancil



                     Your own son was a prisoner.

                     Condemned, he died for us.

                     Victorious, He returned to bring us the gift of life everlasting.

                      Comfort us now in our longing for the return of the Prisoners Of 

                     War and those Missing In Action.

                     Help us Father,

                     Inspire us to remove the obstacles.

                     Give wisdom to those who know the truth to speak out.

                     Grant wisdom to the negotiators. and compassion to the jailers.

                     Inspire the media to speak out as loudly as they have in the past.

                     Protect those who seek in secret and help them to succeed.

                     Show us the tools to do Your will.

                     Guard and bless those in captivity, their families,

                     and those who work for their release .

                     Let them come home soon.

                     Thank you Father,


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